So you’ve been wanting to travel, But your bank balance does not want to allow it – This is our post on how to travel the world for free

Then you’re in luck, I was scanning the internet and I came across a website that allows you to be a house sitter for someone. Meaning you wont have to pay for accommodation on your travels!

Now this saves so much money for travelers like you and me, We can travel around the world and not have to pay for accommodation, How good does that sound?

If you would like to find out more then go to

This means you look after someone’s property and you get to stay there for free, That is every travelers dream!

So this is what we mean by ‘How to travel the world for free’ – You still might have to pay for flights, But at least its money saved!

Please bare in mind that some people might need their pets looked after, For most this wouldn’t be an issue. Stroking dogs in paradise but for some this could be a big no no. Talk with the homeowner and see what requirements they need.

What is house sitting?

House sitting is getting someone to stay in your house while you’re away, in exchange for free Accommodation. The house sitter will perform the house duties for you while you are away.

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