Reptiles as pets?

Reptiles as pets? Have you ever been somewhere and the sun is shining, And out of the corner of your eye. You see a little lizard climbing up the wall?

Well reptiles are some of the coolest animals you can see while travelling, From Iguanas to house geckos. Some people keep them as pets, We may have dogs and cats but reptiles are a really common pet around the world.

Some reptiles even hold the ability to learn their own name, and the range of species is unbelievable. Yes i know what you are thinking. This is meant to be a travel blog. You are right, It is. But isn’t travelling all about experiences?

Some of the best experiences I have had while travelling is with animals. Monkeys, Whales, Eagles and reptiles!

If you have come back from your travelling and thought I would love to have a pet reptile, Then check out Herp Magazine, They write about all things reptile and exotic animal related.

It does not matter if you want to have one as a pet or generally just learn a bit more about the amazing species. Herp Magazine is a great place to learn about snakes and lizards!

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